Our Service Options

We offer 3 options for a prospective client to take advantage of our Pre Purchase Pest and Building services.

Real Estate Agent Options A & B: are cost efficient, convenient and affordable 'value add' services which your Real Estate Agent can discuss with you. In both cases the RE Agent will order Pre Purchase Pest & Building reports on behalf of the Vendor, via the 'Flick Safe House' web portal which will then be made available for download and purchase by prospective buyers.

Direct Option: for the independent prospective buyer

Two Real Estate Agent Options

Direct Customer Options

Option - A

  • No charge to REA or Vendor - do not see reports but are advised of significant concerns
  • Reports are uploaded online to www.flicksafehouse.com.au web portal for prospective buyers to download & pay $99 incl GST for both Building & Timber Pest Inspection reports
  • Upon unconditional exchange of contract buyer pays 'success fee' of $350 – This validates the reports & warranties

Option - B

  • Vendor pays $450 incl GST upfront
  • Vendor receives copy of report
  • Thereafter, free to download for all buyers
  • Successful buyer must notify Flick upon settlement/Flick to contact for termite warranty

Flick Safe House Direct ( Register / Sign in and Order Report )

This option is intended for prospective buyers wanting to order a Pest and Building report for a property marketed by a Real Estate Agent not yet registered with Flick Safe House.

How it works

  • You, as a prospective buyer, see a property and wish to obtain Pre Purchase Pest & Building Inspection reports on the property
  • All you do is follow the simple steps to create your own account, then log on and start transacting / ordering PPI reports from Flick Safe House
  • The Prospective Buyer takes the responsibility of advising the seller that they will be ordering the Pest and Building Inspections on their property
  • Prospective Buyer orders the reports via the web portal by completing the simple form provided.
  • Prospective Buyer will be prompted to pay $450 incl GST on line via the credit card payment method prior to the inspections commencing


  • See Terms & Conditions applicable to above options
  • All prices are inclusive of GST
  • With A & B options, contract is between the prospect & Flick, thereby preventing any liability concerns for the REA.
  • In all cases including 'Direct' option, reports have a validity period of 90 days, thereafter they can be refreshed, subject to a reinspection, for fee of $160 payable by the vendor in the case of options A & B or the prospective buyer in the case of the 'direct' option