1. How do the Flick Safe House reports work?

At Flick Anticimex, we know that buying a property is a lengthy and costly process. Our pre-purchase inspection reports will help you make well-informed decisions at a fraction of the cost that you would normally pay.
Flick Safe House offers its customers the opportunity to purchase the inspection reports at a discounted price where they will only be required to pay the full amount if they purchase the property.

As most buyers tend to visit several properties before committing to buying one, Flick Safe House's reports are an inexpensive solution to have all the interested properties inspected.
We at Flick aim to give  buyers the peace of mind in knowing you have made an informed decision before committing to a purchase.

2. Is Flick working for a Vendor or Selling Agent?

What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we do not charge any vendor or selling agent for our services. We are independent and can therefore offer 100% objective reports to our clients.

3. Who is Flick Anticimex?

 Flick Anticimex is Australia's leading pest control company with over 95 years of reliable, safe and professional service.
We have over 41 branches across Australia and New Zealand with a vast network of pre-purchase inspection specialists offering superior localised service to meet individual client needs.

4. What makes Flick Anticimex special?
  1. The Flick Safe House reports are readily available and can be easily downloaded from our website, saving you the time it takes to arrange for your own inspections.
  2. Should you choose not to buy the property, there are no additional hidden costs.
  3. Flick Anticimex is one of Australia's most recognized and trusted brands, with over 95 years of reliable, safe and professional service.
  4. Your contract is with Flick Anticimex only; there is no need to be concerned about whether third-party companies are properly insured and regulated. Flick has one of the best PI/PPL insurances on the market for your safety.
  5. At Flick, quality and service always comes first.
5. What are the limitations of Pre-purchase Building and Timber Pest Reports?

Pre purchase inspection reports are VISUAL inspections only. The inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Service Standards. All accessible areas are inspected, but are completed without any invasive activities. Full details about the inspections can be found in our client terms & conditions; which we encourage you to read during the registration and download process.

 Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to call us on 13 14 40.

6. Why do I need to buy a pre-purchase property report?

Buying a property is a big investment, thus adequate research and precautions should be taken prior to committing to a purchase. Our pre-purchase inspection reports will provide buyers with the confidence that well-informed decisions will be made when investing in a property. A pre-purchase inspection report is a small expense in exchange for the peace of mind that unforeseen property repairs have been avoided as a result of termite and building inspections.

7. How long does it take to receive a Report?

Inspection reports that are present on the website are available for immediate purchase via download.

Where a report is not available on FlickSafeHouse.com, please contact us to arrange for an inspection to be conducted. The amount of time it takes to compile this report will be dependent on our technician's availability.

8. What if I don't understand something in the Report?

If you have questions regarding the report, our Flick Safe House staff and inspectors will be available to answer your questions. Please call us on 13 14 40 or call the technician direct on the number provided in the report.

9. Can I be confident of the quality of the Reports?

Flick Anticimex is Australia's leading pest control company with 95 years of industry experience and knowledge on timber pests. You trust Flick Anticimex to conduct  reliable, objective and professional services and inspection reports. Superior quality and service ethics are key focuses in our business model.

10. If I want a report that is not on the website, can I order one?

Where a report is not available on FlickSafeHouse.com.au, please contact us for an inspection to be conducted. This report will only be available to you – other interested buyers will not have access to this report. This report will be charged at our standard inspection rate.  Please call us on 13 14 40 for details and to arrange a time for inspection.